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UK & Destination Wedding Photographer

I first picked up a camera at the age of 16 and instantly started shooting everything that interested me. At that young age I prided myself in being part of a passionate and vibrant music scene in the south of England, therefore I inevitably turned my lens toward the musicians and crowds that surrounded me every day with the aim to document and capture those special moments we all cherish as a youngster.

15 years later this love of capturing moments passed has developed into a successful and varied career as a Wedding Photographer. Covering the UK and beyond I live by the mantra that you are only as good as your last photograph; therefore, I apply the years of knowledge and experience I have gained to every image I create.

A simple ethos governs Wedding Photography by Philip Hardman Photography – the belief that every wedding is different and should be captured in a way that is personal and best suited to your needs and wishes. I want the images produced to reflect who you are as a couple and to provide you with a collection of photos to enable you to remember your treasured day in the way that you would want to.

I do not believe in holding your images to ransom - as soon as the shutter clicks the image is yours, I give you full reproduction rights to your images so that you can reproduce them in any format and with any printing company you choose without worrying about breaking any copyright laws or paying for the privilege. This is your day, your wedding, and I believe that the images should be yours too.

For a free no obligation quote or to just to find out if your date is free, please feel free contact me with you and your partners names, your wedding date and the address for the ceremony and reception using the button below. 

I love what I do and am always honoured to be part of anyone’s big day.

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